Three Sisters Falls Day Hike

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Three Sisters Falls Day Hike


Saturday, February 9th

9:00 am-7:00pm

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Three Sisters Falls is a lesser known location in San Diego, but that doesn’t diminish its awesomeness. It is located near Descanso, California.  After a 2-mile downhill hike from the trailhead, through dry chaparral landscape, you arrive at an oasis. Three sister’s falls is a seasonal three-tiered waterfall. Depending on the conditions, the top waterfall drops down into a pool suitable for swimming. The seconds tier is gorgeous to look at, while the third tier is a natural waterslide. About 25 feet long it offers a smooth ride into a pool at the bottom. Important to note that the water is very cold in February when we are going. 

About the Trip & Itinerary

The Three Sisters falls trailhead is a 1 hour 30-minute drive from campus. We will plan to arrive at the trailhead at 11:00am and we will begin our hike. There is no source of water so we will be carrying enough in for the day, because it can get hot. The way to the falls is a downhill 2-mile hike that is fairly steep. We will get to the falls at about 12:00pm and explore the rocky area the waterfalls are built into and begin to enjoy the water. Participants are able to either use the waterslide, swim in the pools, or just enjoy the sun on the rocks (because the water is COLD). We’ll in that time also eat a packed lunch. We plan on beginning our hike back at 4:00pm. The hike back will take longer, it being uphill. We plan to arrive back to the cars at 5:30 and head back to campus. Arriving back at Loma at 7:00pm at the latest.

Important to note, it is possible that the waterfall may not be running enough to do the waterslide. In that case we will email participants and they will have the option to drop the trip.

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The trail down to the waterfall is an easygoing walk most of the way. Towards the end it gets steep, this is where good shoes are important. Good shoes are definitely highly suggested for this trip! There are a lot of rocks that are easy to slip and roll an ankle on!  We will also demonstrate the best way to get down without slipping. There are ropes to help with stability as well. For an average hiker, it should take approximately 1 hour to get to the bottom. There are some points where we will need to do some scrambling, and guides will act as spotters in these instances. The hike up will be more strenuous, with a 1,000-foot elevation gain. Breaks are encouraged and the group can stay together or split into two groups; one group can choose to go faster to reach the top while the other can take the hike at a more leisurely pace. The guides determine the pacing of the group based on skill level and then pace appropriately. The trail is sometimes dusty, and may be a trigger for those who have asthma. If you intend to sign up for this trip and have asthma, please plan appropriately and let the guides on the trip know if you have any problems.

Fitness Rating: 4 out of 5 difficulty

Safety & Risk Management

This hike is very steep at points and good shoes and careful footing is necessary. Some parts even have a rope. So, falls are possible and could be expected. The sun can also be very intense here, so we will bring more than enough water to prevent any dehydration. Lastly, unfortunately at points the trail is lined with poison oak. We will educate on what is looks like and encourage no off trailing, as to not increase exposure.


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