La Jolla Kayaking Trip


La Jolla Kayaking Trip


Saturday March 17th

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Explore the finest scenery along San Diego's coastline by kayak. Soak in the views of sea lions basking on coastal rocks and gliding past your kayak. You might get a chance to witness the stunning marine life of La Jolla's Ecological Reserve including bright orange garibaldi, leopard sharks and lush kelp beds floating next to your kayak.


 About the Trip & Itinerary:

Meeting in the ARC at 9:30 am we will briefly go over paddling techniques and other safety concerns for the day before we take off. We will drive around 30 minutes north to La Jolla shores where we will unload our kayaks and get in the water. After about an hour in the water we will come back to shore to rest and eat some lunch. Then we will have the chance to get back into the water for around an hour or until we start getting tired. After that we will load all of the kayaks back up and head back to Loma, expecting to be back by 4 at the latest.

 Price: $25.00

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This is a fairly relaxed kayak paddle, approximately 2 hours of paddling at an easy pace for everyone to enjoy. Kayaking on the ocean we will have to fight the waves and maybe some wind so the group is required to stay close together and go at a moderate pace to ensure the safety of all participants throughout the trip.


Fitness Rating: 2 out of 5 difficulty


 Safety and Risk Management:

The Outdoor Leadership Program guides are very skilled and knowledgeable of group dynamics and keeping everyone together and accounted for due to frequent head counts and “buddy checks.” Before launching, the guides will give instructions and demonstrations for certain scenarios such as a flipped kayak or if an individual were to become too tired.