The Way 2019: Sequoia Backpack - July 27-August 3

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The Way 2019: Sequoia Backpack - July 27-August 3


Destination: Sequoia National Park near Kings Canyon

*Dates subject to change

High mountain lakes, tall Sequoia trees, starry nights, and trails that wind their way through mountain passes.  Sounds pretty great, right?  The Way is a great opportunity to begin your college journey at PLNU and connect to nature and other PLNU students.  

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More about the trip:


Whether this is your first backpacking trip or you're an experienced hiker, this trip will offer something new and challenging for you.  The intent of this trip is to create a shared experience in a beautiful and unfamiliar setting, with unfamiliar people, experiencing new challenges with ample support in order to remind you that you can succeed in your college adventure!  We're with you and the new family you create will help kick start your college career.

The Way Goals:

  • Create a community of belonging set in the wilderness

  • Empower students to reveal their ability to endure and compassionately connect

  • Create support systems and opportunities for students to gain self awareness and insight

  • Connect to God's Creation through activity and reflection

While your guides have taken care of most details, each student will have the opportunity to lead and be led by their peers in the backcountry.  Each day student will have the opportunity to step into one of several leadership roles.  Come prepared to lead and actively follow.  

About the Trip & Itinerary

Once you arrive and check-in on Saturday, you'll be introduced to your fellow travelers and guides. PLNU staff will inspect your personal gear, issue equipment and food and share with you an itinerary of the trip.  Saturday afternoon we will depart for the Sequoia Wilderness and end the day by camping under the stars.  Sunday- Saturday, we will be hiking, cooking, laughing, sharing stories, and making memories at lakes and in the shadows of California's Sequoia groves.  


During this trip we'll be traveling long miles through rugged wilderness over uneven and steep terrain, often with heavy backpacks, and without the benefit of western toilets or showers.  This includes steep inclines and declines through mountain passes and past high altitude lakes.  We will be carrying all of our equipment on our backs and moving camps every night.  Temperatures vary and can be extreme.  Click here for historical trends in temperature or current conditions.  We recommend that you commit to some routine of physical exercise and activity prior to this trip.

Safety & Risk Management

Despite the remote location and rugged terrain, our guides have been trained in appropriate wilderness medical procedures, safety protocols and processes, and back country travel and living skills.  Each group carries emergency equipment including a first aid kit.  Students will learn to cook and use water treatment techniques, camp craft, and how to read and use a back country map.

Fitness Rating: 4.5 out for 5 Difficulty

Wait list

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**If you are under the age of 18:  Parents and/ or guardians are asked to sign medical and liability forms.  Please download this form and email it to

**Specific dates and times: Please plan to arrive on campus in San Diego before 7:00 a.m. on Saturday.  The trip will end late in the afternoon the following Saturday in San Diego, but do not schedule your flight before 6 p.m. on that day.  The Way begins and ends at PLNU, no exceptions.  Please plan pick-up and drop-offs accordingly.  Accommodations are offered if flights must be booked prior to or after the start and end date.  Airport pickups are available and can be scheduled closer to the date of the trip.

**Cancellation policy: In the event you may need to withdraw from the trip, there will be a $100 cancellation fee.   Refunds: within 5 weeks of the trip, no refunds can be issued. However, if we are able to fill the vacated spot we will refund trip fees at any date minus the $100 cancellation fee.

**Trip Cancellation: While it is not anticipated that the trip will be canceled, unforeseen circumstances always make this possible.  In this unlikely event, participants will be contacted and the full trip cost will be refunded, however, we are unable to compensate for any lost fees from airfare. 

**If registration is sold out, all spots have been filled, please join the waiting list. If spots open up we will go to the wait list first.