APU Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Weekend

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joshua tree rock.jpg

APU Joshua Tree Rock Climbing Weekend


February 3 - February 4

2/3 6:00am - 2/4 5:00pm

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About the Trip & Itinerary

This is a joint trip with our Outdoor Adventure friends at APU. They invited us to join along, and the means more climbs open and an opportunity to meet new friends!

Saturday: Leaving from campus early Saturday morning, we will be climbing most of the day. The drive is approximately three hours away from PLNU. There will be two main areas of varying skill levels which participants can choose to climb. We will be spending the night camping, near Joshua Tree. 

Sunday: We will pack up and head back to Loma. Just outside Joshua Tree is Cactus Mart, which is filled with the beautiful succulents and plants of the desert region. After which, we plan on stopping for food before we head back to Loma. 

Price >> $75.00


There will likely be a short hike to get to the crag. This hike will not be physically strenuous. Regarding the rock climbing, participants are allowed to climb as much or as little as they choose. Routes will be set up according to the skill level of participants. There will always be a beginner/introductory route that is a perfect place to start for anyone who has not rock climbed before or is looking to get warmed up for more difficult climbs. Rock climbing is a physically demanding activity and if not climbing regularly, it is common for arms to tire. There are countless opportunities to take breaks and rest because there are not enough routes or guides for every participant to be climbing at the same time.

Fitness Rating: 3 out of 5 difficulty

Safety & Risk Management

All participants must bring proper footwear to hike in and wear when not climbing while at the crag. Rock climbing shoes will be provided. All participants must be wear a helmet that is appropriately fitted to their head the entire time while at the rock face due to the risk of falling rocks. All climbs are set up by trained guides instructed to set safe climbs and the equipment is sturdy and not at risk of breaking. Because of the location of the climbing site, there is little shade; sun protection is a big part of maintaining a comfortable environment throughout the day. Due to safety considerations, this trip will be canceled in the event of rain and all participants will be issued a full refund.

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