Jonathan Morell

DirectoR of outdoor leadership programs, WFR, Avalanche 1

Jonathan grew up on an exotic bird ranch in Washington State.  For the past 15 years he has been an RD at three different universities.  Most recently lived 10 years in Oregon.  Loves climbing, hiking, teaching wilderness skills, traveling the world, and has a masters degree in Adventure Education.  Has been bit by a chipmunk, tackled an emu and chased by an ostrich, but never broken a bone. 


Phillip Ward

Rental center Coordinator, Guide, Rock Certified

Phillip grew up in Colorado where he began to cultivate a passion for the outdoors that is surpassed only by his new found love for California burritos. Phillip spent his gap year before coming to PLNU working in Australia at a cattle station in the outback and at a youth camp in Sydney. He is now a Sophomore studying Engineering and is most likely to be found falling off his long board somewhere on the treacherous sidewalks of campus. Phillip has been skinny dipping in most of the major bodies of water that he has visited, he has backpacked along the beaches of New South Wales in Australia, and has never seen the northern lights.


MArgaret Mann

Great Escapes Coordinator, Guide

Margaret hails from Boston, MA and is currently a sophomore film studies major + art minor.  Margaret feels very passionate about fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and her chocolate lab dog.  Her favorite place to backpack and romp across summits is the Presidential Range in the White Mountains she calls home.  If she could do one thing for the rest of her life it would be lay in a sunny field of wildflowers and watch clouds.  With her dog.  


Kristofer Labenske

Rock climbing Instructor, Guide, Rock certified

Kristofer is a History and Philosophy/Theology major who loves the outdoors. He grew up in San Diego and began climbing when he was 16. Ever since he has made it one of his life goals to find and climb the coolest routes possible and share this passion with others. When not out at the crag, you can find Kristofer studying in the library or on the bouldering wall. 


Kylee krynicki


Kylee Mae is a sophomore mathematics major. She loves backpacking outside to clear her head and can always count on hiking to benefit her creatively and give her groovy life ideas. She is an earth loving hippie who loves bananas, babies, and aliens. Kylee has thru hiked the John Muir Trail, climbed Mount Whitney, and has a heaping list of stellar dream adventures for the future!